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Mark (Mugsy) DePuydt

Mugsy was born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan.  During his high school years he attended Cass Tech, a technical school in Detroit, Michigan where he majored in art.  He then attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo until his family moved to the upper peninsula and he transferred to Michigan Tech.  It was at Michigan Tech where he learned about the anatomy of birds and waterfowl while taking wildlife courses.


Mugsy has been painting professionally for over thirty years.  Living in Northern Wisconsin gives him abundant material with which to work.  Inspiration comes to him while out in the woods, when at church, or even while going to sleep.  He enjoys the beauty of God’s creation whether looking at wildlife, woodlands, lakes, fields, or people.  He sees the Creator everywhere he looks.  He is currently working on a series depicting the different attributes of God.  The first one, displayed on the welcome page of this site, is called “The Creator”.  It is the first place winner of a national Christian art competition sponsored by ICAC and Art for God.  The second piece in the series is in progress and will be released soon.

Mugsy has been the winner of many competitions and awards through the years.  In 2007 he was named the Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year.  In 1999 he was chosen by the state of Wisconsin to do a commemorative painting of when Wisconsin supplied the Christmas tree for the lawn of the Capital Building in Washington, D.C.  A print of that painting is hanging in the Department of the Interior.


Mugsy works in pastels, pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, and acrylics.  Although he does all kinds of artwork such as portraits, technical drawings, pottery, and carvings, wildlife remains his passion.  He wants people to be awakened to God’s handiwork everywhere they look because God is the Creator of the Universe!


Mugsy is an avid hockey fan and you may have seen him on the cover of USA Hockey Magazine.  He is married with five grown children and 10 grandchildren.  Most of the family is still in Wisconsin.

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